OMG! A Complaint Has Been Filed Against You With The Board Of Nursing

When you get a formal complaint against you by the Board of Nursing it can be terrifying. You worked hard for your license and you want to keep it! What do you do?

The first thing you need to do is check with your current malpractice insurance. What, you don’t have any?!?!. We will discuss that in another blog. Malpractice Insurance companies give you the option of being covered for board complaints. It has been my experience that most nurses do not select this coverage.

If you do have malpractice insurance, look over your policy to see if you are covered. If so, they should be notified immediately to ensure full coverage.

Regardless of your insurance status you need to contact an attorney immediately. You need an attorney who is knowledgeable in professional licensure defense and knowledgeable in nursing standards of care and practice.

Your initial response to the complaint is crucial. Addressing the complaint yourself can be dangerous. It is understandable that after receiving the complaint you are emotionally shook, but the complaint must be answered with facts. Consulting a lawyer to review the facts with you affords you the best chance of having the complaint dismissed without a hearing or resolved on the most positive terms.

As an attorney and a nurse, I am in a unique position to assist you with a board of nursing complaint. I have been successful in having complaints dismissed without a hearing or after a hearing working out terms for nurses to keep their license.

Please take these complaints seriously and contact either me or another experienced attorney. Protect your license!


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